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Migao International (Singapore) Pte Ltd was inaugurated on 31 March 2010 and our office is located at Suntec City, the premium stretch of Singapore's Central Business District.


Migao International (Singapore) is a subsidiary of Migao Corporation, which is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange in Canada. We have over 3,000 staff worldwide and is a dynamic and profitable business in today's competitive environment. As a Group, we have joint ventures with SQM and EuroChem as well.


The Singapore headquarters is strategically positioned to be a gateway to South-East Asia and our clients worldwide. Presently, Migao International (Singapore) services clients in agricultural markets in Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam as well as Australia and Europe.


As a leading manufacturer and direct supplier of specialty potash-based fertilizers, we offer more value for our customers through our consistent high-quality products and excellent sales service. We have several production and research facilities situated across China and they are all ISO-certified. We believe in looking after our employees– food and housing are provided for all our factory workers.


Our two core products are Potassium Nitrate and Potassium Sulphate, among other compound fertilizers. In fact, just in 2014, we have produced and sold over 890,000 tons of fertilizer, of which 400,000 tons are NPK. Migao's patented technology offers customers a consistent and reliable supply of high quality fertilizers which are ideal for high-value crops such as fruits and vegetables, coffee and tea, tobacco, and cotton. Our products contribute to the agriculture community by improving their crop quality and increasing crop yield in an environmentally responsible manner.


Our Vision

To be the leading supplier of speciality potash fertilizers in the world.