Migao Corporation is Canada-registered company founded in 2003 as a manufacturer and distributor of specialty potash fertilizers with core business activities in China.

In 2006, Migao Corporation was listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange for public trading in Canada.

Today, Migao Corporation operates 8 manufacturing plants in China, of which 2 are joint-ventures with Eurochem and SQM. As a group, having over 3,000 employees worldwide, we produce over 1 million tons of specialty potash fertilizers, such as Potassium sulphate, Potassium nitrate and customized NPK compound fertilizers, not only for customers in China, but also from around the world annually. In addition to direct sales, we also provide trading and consulting services in the fertilizer industry.

Migao International (Singapore) Pte Ltd is the international headquarters for Migao Corporation looking after the agricultural needs of our customers in Africa, Asia, Europe and other parts of the world outside China.

As a leading manufacturer and direct supplier, we offer more value for our customers through our consistent high-quality products.

Our core products - Potassium nitrate and Potassium sulphate - all produced in our ISO-certified manufacturing plants using Migao's own patented technology, are ideal for high-value agricultural crops such as fruits and vegetables, coffee and tea, tobacco, and cotton, amongst others.

It is our belief that our high-quality products contribute positively to the global agriculture community by improving crop quality and increasing crop yield in an environmentally responsible way.

In Migao, we help customers to achieve higher yield in every field.


Facilities Products MTPA
Guangdong Migao Potassium sulphate 160,000
Sichuan Migao Potassium nitrate 80,000
Shanghai Migao Potassium sulphate 40,000
Liaoning Migao Potassium sulphate 40,000
Yunnan Migao Potassium nitrate & NPK 400,000
Zunyi Migao NPK 300,000
Changchun Migao Potassium sulphate 80,000

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